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Event Hosts

About the Role

Official SLS Event Host Couple

The host couple must arrive at the event at least 30 minutes prior to the event, this will give time to talk to the owner and get a table, Banner and items set up. In most cases a table and area can be set up by the event host or club staff. You will be responsible for contacting the club for times of operation prior to the event.

Speak with the DJ about the Prize giveaway, Raffle tickets will be given out to all that come to the table and get SLS Swag. You will have a prize bag made up for the grand prize drawing at the end of the shift.

Set out promotional items on the table for patrons to come to the table, once they come over, offer up some great SLS Stuff, and if they are not members hand them your affiliate cards granting them a free month.

Someone should be behind the table at all times during the promotion for patrons to find out about the site and sign up. Promoting times will be between 3 to 4 hours. Dictated by the clubs needs.

At the end of each promotion the table will be taken down, any promotional items such as pens, cards, slicks can be distributed to the patrons, Larger items are to be kept for the following month's event. Promotional Items will be sent to you when needed.
Before you leave please contact the club owner or manager and let them know you are leaving and if there is anything they would like to see at the next event.

If you wish to mingle and play at the club after the promotion, by all means do so and enjoy yourself, However no excessive alcohol consumption or drug use will not be allowed while representing SLS. If you wish to consume any substance please remove any SLS clothing or branding before doing so.

Payout for each event is $250.00 and entry into the club.
Affiliate cards offer 50% of all memberships purchased through the URL Code..
Your card will allow for one month free.. once the member pays, you will get the affiliate fee... and as long as the member pays, you will continue to be paid.


  1.  Must be an SLS member for at least 6 months or more and use the site regularly.

  2. Must be have a fun sexy, and outgoing deminor, and  appearance. 

  3. Must have attended events in the past. 

  4. Should have hosted an event or meet and greet (optional) 

  5. Must have your own car and able to travel at least 60 miles. 

  6. Must be a couple - No sinlges can promote, table must be manned at all times. 

  7. Must be a US citizen and able to fill out a W-9 For payment. 

  8. Desired age group 25 -50 and HWP.

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