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We have Time Slots Available 

Do you have a show you would like on SLS Radio? 
Ever think about being on the radio?
Think you can fill an hour with interesting lifestyle conversation? 
Have knowledge of the lifestyle you would like to share? 
If you have answered Yes to any of these questions then you are ready for your own slot on SLS Radio! 
Simply fill out the form below and lets see if you have what it takes to be on the AIR! 


Show must be about the swing lifestyle, or sexuality, but must be topical for the genre.


Must have good quality audio, clear and easy to listen to. 


SLS Radio is a NON-Profit station, and we do not charge for airing your show. However, we ask you to give SLS Radio a shout-out during your show. 

You can also place an SLS Player on your site (optional). Just place this code on your website: SLS Radio Player.

Place an SLS banner On your site. You can get an affiliate banner without joining.


If your show is accepted you must provide the show in MP3 form at least 48 hours before the airing date. 

In most cases, 7 days prior is preferred so a replacement can be found for that show if needed. 



Please keep the show between 30 and 60 min. 


No racial, religious or political topics at all, serious topics are fine if they  do not include any of the three. 


(Optional) - If you want your show to be promoted and you have promotional material, like flyers, or banners that can be shared on social media you can send it 48 hours before your show's airing date. 


No advertising for any competing site with SLS. 

 All shows are subject to review and edit before airing. 

Prohibited content.

NO - Politics 

NO - Race

NO - Religion

Shows with this content will be pulled and removed from rotation.

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