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Krazy Truth 

Kole and Amanda are great fun, with a great sense of humor. Talking about all things kink and swinging! 


The Sinsational Unicorn Podcast

Are you searching for an exhilarating and enticing lifestyle podcast to invigorate your morning commute? Look no further! Introducing "The Sinsational Unicorn Podcast" — an immersive audio experience that will take you on an unparalleled journey through various lifestyles. Join your vibrant hosts, Anna and Ryan, as they inject high-energy, humor, and a touch of kinkiness into each episode. Prepare to be captivated by their latest tantalizing tales. So sit back and enjoy.


Hump Day Quickies Weekly Podcast

A weekly sex positive podcast featuring other members of the ethically non monogamous community discussing how they discovered the lifestyle, took their first steps, learned lessons along the way, as well as some of their favorite moments.


Wanderlust Swingers podcast

Check out this great and sexy podcast from our friends down under! A very sexy couple putting on a very sexy show! check it out Thursdays at 4pm..


Dr. Dicks Sex Advice with an Edge. 

Dr. Dick is in with the best sex advice you can get, a real doctor giving advice on real lifestyle issues, check this great show out every Friday at 4pm! 


Great house, EDM, Club mixes

Perfect for your party as we have the best mixes from some of the hottest DJs in the world! 

Light house and Dance from 6am to 6pm

Club mixes and hot EDM 6pm - 6am

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Great Trance and Lounge House all day long, the perfect music to relax, have fun or play... Mixing the chill EDM for your pleasure. 

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More Great Lifestyle podcasts found on SLS Radio! 
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