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LIFESTYLE - Getting Back to Basics

The lifestyle is changing, it has always been an evolving lifestyle, but as we move into a new era, a new order so to speak we seem to be forgetting what the lifestyle is really about, finding lifetime connections of like minded people who will enjoy friendship and sexy fun...

It now seems to be a way to make money... This is ruining the lifestyle, even hosts that used to enjoy the lifestyle now are so busy trying to make money with it that they are no longer active in it.... This is not the type of lifestyle we all new and loved... When you make something a job, it is no longer fun and exciting, and it shows in your mannerisms and communications with people have become cold and only worried about the funds and not the fun....

I think its important to not forget what it was about, fun, sexy times... If you are only worried about making money, then I will say two things...

First - Keep in mind if you are charging and making money from sex parties... yes, its illegal unless you are a licensed private club... And due to the FOSTA and NASTA laws put into effect in 2018, you could be hit with fines or even jail time...

Second - If you think the money is better than the sex or the fun..... Then no one at your party is having fun...

So get back to the basics, have free parties and enjoy your guests, show that the lifestyle is still great and its not all about the money... Because you cant put a price on good friends, good times and sexy fun.... And if you do... that's just sad.

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Betty Cooper
Betty Cooper
Feb 13, 2023

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Kavya Verma
Kavya Verma
Jan 27, 2023

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Charles J. Brown
Sep 23, 2022

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